Rule 39.
Where a Plot is owned by a Church, Lodge or other society, interments shall be limited to its members and to their spouses and to members of their immediate families, provided the requisite interment fee is paid, and subject to the Rules, which limit the number of interments allowed within a Plot.
Rule 40.
Removal by heirs of a body or cremated remains so that the Plot may be sold for profit to themselves, or removal contrary to the expressed or implied wish of the original Plot Owner, is absolutely forbidden without a court order.
Rule 41.
A body or cremated remains may be removed from its original Plot to another Plot in the Cemetery when there has been an exchange or purchase for that purpose by the deceased’s spouse or heirs. When the last surviving Owner dies, his interest shall go to his heir(s). A new certificate will be prepared based on a letter from the Personal Representative of the decedent’s estate.
Rule 42.
The subdivision of Plots is not allowed, and no one shall be buried in any Plot not having any interest therein, except by written consent of all Owners of the Plot and of the Association..

Rule 43.
All work, including but not limited to, grading and landscaping on any Plot shall be done only with the prior approval of the Association. The following rules shall apply to the designated sections of the Cemetery:
For Sections A, B & E: Lawn maintenance within individual Plots is included in Perpetual Care. It is the Owner’s responsibility to maintain all plantings within its Plot, however, the Association reserves the right to make alterations of plantings, including trimming or removal, in the event the Owner fails to properly maintain such plantings, and/or if the Plot becomes unsightly, unmanageable or may cause damage to neighboring Plots or Association property, as determined in the sole discretion of the Association.
For Sections C & D: No curbing or landscaping shall be allowed. In addition, the following restrictions shall apply to the Plots within Sections C & D:

  1. All Markers, including the base of said markers, must be approved, in writing, by the Association, at its sole discretion, prior to installation within the Cemetery.