The Alexander family: Missionaries : William Patterson and Mary Ann McKinney Alexander arrived (ABCFM) on April, 1832 with the fifth company of missionaries to the Hawaiian Kingdom

Missionary descendants:
1. Annie Montague Alexander (b. Dec. 29,1867-d. Sept. 10, 1950); daughter of  Samuel Thomas and Martha Cooke Alexander
2. Ina Alexander (1868-1959) second wife of Henry Martin Alexander
3. Henry Martyn Alexander (1839-1910) son of William Patterson Alexander (1805-1884) and Mary Ann McKinney Alexander (1810-1888); brother of Samuel Thomas Alexander
4. Emily Whitney Alexander Baldwin (1846-1943) daughter of W.P. and Mary Ann Alexander; sister of H. M. Alexander; wife of Henry Perrine Baldwin (1842-1911); the son of missionaries Dwight Baldwin and Charlotte Fowler Baldwin with the fourth company ABCFM in 1830

FOUR PHOTOS OF ANNIE MONTAGUE ALEXANDER: paleontologist, naturalist, farmer

Annie M. Alexander tried a variety of academic interests in schools from Hawaii to Massachusetts including explorations in Europe. Her focus eventually was sparked by Dr. Merriman at the University of California at Berkeley. First, she funded several of his fossil hunting expeditions. Then in 1901 she participated in a California expedition. Two Ichthyosaur skeletons were named after her. Annie Alexander then decided to fund a Museum of Vertebrate Zoology to house her collection at the University of California. One year later she helped fund the university’s Department of Paleontology and by 1921 she had established the Museum of Paleontology.

Annie Alexander died in 1950, and her contributions were recognized by naming two mammals, two birds, six fossils, and two plants after her.

Annie Montague Alexander

Annie Alexander with gun in hand

Annie Alexander on an archeological dig

The Samuel Thomas Alexander Family



Henry Martyn Alexander

Brother of Samuel Thomas Alexander

Ina Alexander

Married to Henry M. Alexander

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