Andrews Family

These three are buried together in one large plot. Susan was first married to Horatio Bailey and then to Lorrin Andrews (b. 1857-d. 1911) on August 3, 1908. Lorrin Andrews was a charter member of the first organized church at Makawao on Jan. 5, 1879
Married to descendant of missionaries, Lorrin Andrews and
Mary Ann Wilson Andrews

Baileys are descendants of Edward and Caroline Hubbard Bailey; missionaries of the eighth company in 1837

1. Susan Emelyn Montgomery Andrews (b. 1853-d. 1919)
dau. of George Montgomery and Susan Fuller
“She hath done what she could”
(married to Lorrin Andrews (b. Oct.12, 1857-d. Feb. 26, 1911)
2. George H. Bailey (b. Mar. 22, 1870-d. Feb. 22, 1936) Son of Horatio B. Bailey and Susan E. Bailey Andrews; Married to Isabella K. Rice Mitchell
(b. 1876-d. 1919); son is Albert Bailey (b. 1895-d.1927)
3. Horatio Bardwell Bailey: aged 60 years; (b. 1839-died Dec. 22, 1899); Son of Edward and Caroline Hubbard Bailey; first husband of Susan E. Bailey Andrews (daughter: Susie Mae Bailey Zumwalt)
4. John Randall Zumwalt (b. Aug. 7, 1899-d. Aug. 7, 1899) son of Susie Bailey Zumwalt and grandson of Horatio and Susie Mae Bailey


H. B. Bailey


George Bailey



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