Bailey Family

Bailey, George H. (b. Mar. 22, 1870-d. Feb. 22, 1936) Son of:

Bailey, Horatio Bardwell  (b. Dec. 27, 1839-d. Dec. 22, 1899)

Bailey, Susan Montgomery (Andrews) (b. 1853-d. 1919)

Zumwalt, John Randall (b. Aug. 7, 1899-d. Aug. 7, 1899) (son of Susie Bailey Zumwalt)

Son of Edward and Caroline Hubbard Bailey; arrived 1837 as a missionary teacher to work at Wailuku Female Seminary; started Kaahumanu Church; built Wailuku Sugar Company

Descendants of missionaries: Edward and Caroline Hubbard Bailey

George H. Bailey
Horatio Bailey
1854 The Bailey Family of Wailuku

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