1. Baldwin, Henry Alexander (b. Jan. 12, 1871-d. 1946) Son of H. P. and Emily Baldwin

Siblings: Maud Mansfield Baldwin, William Dwight, Arthur Douglas, Frank Fowler and Samuel Alexander Baldwin

2. Baldwin, Ethel Frances Smith (b. Nov. 17, 1879-d. Sept.  20, 1967)

dau of William O. Smith and Mary Abby Hobron Smith; sister of Pauline Melicent Smith, Anna Katherine Smith Baldwin and Lorrin Knapp Smith

children: Jared Smith Baldwin (b. 1889-d.1914), Leslie Alexander (b. 1898-d. 1901) and Frances Hobron Baldwin Cameron (b. 1903-d. 1996)


HAB, 1946

1915-1917: Colonel in the Third Regiment of the Hawaii National Guard

1913-1921: member of the Territorial Senate

1922-1923: Representative to the 67th Congress

1933: Hawaii House of Representatives

1934-1937: Territorial Senate

Active in the sugar plantation