Beckwith/Hair/Kloss: inscribed “Residents of Haiku”
Missionary descendants of Richard Armstrong and Clarissa Chapman of the Fifth Company
1. George Ely Beckwith (1825-1875) husband of Harriet Goodale
Married Sept. 6, 1863; farmer; charter members the Jan. 5, 1879 organized church
2. Harriett Winslow Goodale Beckwith (1836-1922) wife of George Ely; charter member of the first organized church of Jan. 5, 1879
3. Caroline Porter Armstrong Beckwith (1832-1905) daughter of the Armstrong missionaries; and married to Edward G. Beckwith;
4. Rev. Dr. Edward Griffin Beckwith (1826-1909) husband of Caroline; son of Erastus and Martha Wilcox Beckwith; brother of George Beckwith; teacher; pastor of Paia Foreign Church; Arrived in 1852 and took charge of the Royal School including the five sovereigns: Kamehameha V, Lunalilo, Kalakaua, Queen Emma, Queen Liliuokalani, and Pauahi Bishop; first president of Oahu College (Punahou); 1887 pastor of Central Union Church; 1894 returned to be pastor at Paia Foreign Church
5. William E. Beckwith (1870-1904) Son of Caroline and Edward
6. Martha Warren Beckwith (Jan.19, 1871-Jan. 28, 1959) Folklorist, author, ethnographer, teacher (photo) dau of Harriett and George Beckwith; linked to Missionary and Descendants page
7. Caroline Amelia Beckwith Hair (b. Feb. 2, 1865-d. June 5, 1942) daughter of Edward and Caroline
8. Edward Beckwith Hair (b. Nov. 18, 1901-d. Nov. 2, 1983) son of Caroline A. Beckwith Hair
9. Christine Doty Hair (b. Aug. 12, 1904-d. Mar. 2, 1996) wife of Edward B. Hair
10. Doris Hair Kloss (b. Dec. 6, 1904-d. Oct.25, 1997)
11. Richard Gilbert Kloss (b. Feb. 16, 1906-d. Dec. 30, 1980)
12. Dorothy Beckwith Hair Thomas (b. June 29, 1898-d. Mar. 16, 1997)

George and Harriett Beckwith


Marriage of George Ely and Harriett Goodale Beckwith


Caroline Porter Beckwith


William E. Beckwith


Dorothy Beckwith Hair Thomas


Martha Warren Beckwith


Edward and Christine Beckwith Hair


The Beckwith Family plot


Beckwith Haiku Home


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