BOYUM/WATSON FAMILY – Makawao Cemetery

Boyum/Watson family


The Boyum family:
1. Eric Edward Boyum (b. March 17, 1875-d. Nov. 21, 1948)
Both parents from Norway
Married: Eric Edward to Louise
2. Louise Vernice Boyum (b. June 15, 1878-d. April 11, 1968)
3. Sevath Edward Boyum (b. Dec. 15, 1902-d. June 24, 1990)
4. John Hoag Boyum (b. Sept.19, 1919-d. 1973)
Obituary included; Capt. US Navy; Commanded the USS Pine Island and the USS Princeton
Married to:
5. Jacqueline Frances Michael Boyum (b. 1923-d. 1979)
6. Thelma Boyum Watson (b. May 13, 1901 in Louisiana-d. 1992)
1940 Census: occupation, office worker with the U. S. Navy
Daughter of Eric E. and Louise V. Boyum; Married July 21, 1923 to Leslie James Watson; two daughters

Eric E. Boyum

Louise V. Boyum
John H. Boyum

Seventh E. Boyum
Jacqueline M. Boyum

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