DuBois, Betty Judd (b. 1912-d. 1976) Married to:

DuBois, Charles F. (b. 1914 in Mauritius-d. 2004) and sisters:

Overmire, Camille DuBois (b. 1912-d. 1986) and Louise DuBois Lydgate; Daughters of:

DuBois de Jancigny, Felix Andre Nicholas (b. July 28, 1873 in Bourbon, Reunion Island, Mauritius,  Africa-d. 1946); Married in 1909

1901 arrived in Hawaii to work on Kihei Plantation; Joined H C & S in 1914

1930 census: timekeeper at the H C & S sugar mill

survived by sister Camille Helen of Alameida, California

DuBois de Jancigny, Marie Theresa LeCourt de Billot (b. 1890 in France-d. 1947)

Betty Judd DuBois
Charles Felix DuBois

Camille DuBois Overmire
Louise DuBois Lydgate