FITZGERALD FAMILY – Makawao Cemetery


Fitzgerald Family:

1. Phoebe “Phee” Cooke Fitzgerald (b. Nov. 12, 1917 in Hawaii-d. Sept. 24, 1979) Married to J. Desmond C. Fitzgerald

2. “Annie” Ross Fitzgerald (b. July 30, 1889 in California-d. May 2, 1976); plantation practical nurse

3. Dorothy “Ann” Fitzgerald (b. Jan. 4, 1922-d. Oct. 21, 1984)

4. Dr. John Charlton Fitzgerald (b. July 22, 1878 in England-d. April 15, 1952); Veterinarian government, plantation, private; Immigrated in 1902

5. Kathleen Margaret Fitzgerald (b. Oct. 14, 1915-d. June 13, 1935 at Paia hospital); Aged 19 years; “only daughter of John Charlton and Anne Ross Fitzgerald”; Graduated from Maui High School; Attended two years at St. Louis University (Alpha Chi Omega) and just completed a year at UH

6. John “Twink” Desmond Charlton Fitzgerald (b. June 30, 1913-d. July 29, 1999)

Married to Phoebe Cooke Fitzgerald; 1940 census: sugar plantation luna

7. Peter “Pete” Maurice Fitzgerald (b. Jan. 31, 1920-d. June 12, 1992)


Phee Fitzgerald


Annie Fitzgerald


Ann Fitzgerald


Kathleen Margaret Fitzgerald







Twink Fitzgerald


Pete Fitzgerald




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