Fleming Family

Fleming Family:

1. John Lundie Fleming (b. 1876-d. 1942) (photo) father of Margaret, William and Letitia; Vice President of Bishop Trust Co.

2. Mary Elspeth Fleming (b. 1878-d. 1966) of Hamakuapoko

3.William Lundie Fleming (b. 1918-d. 1997)
married to Jane Fleming

4. Jane Adams Olesen Fleming (b. 1917-d.1992) (dau of David L. and Mary Oleson)
married to William L. Fleming; 1940 census: hospital social services

5. James Wilson Fleming (b. 1836 in Scotland-d. Dec. 22, 1911 or (1912) Manager of Grove Ranch and Haleakala Ranch. Purchased the J. S. Green property; Married in Aberdeen, Scotland on Jan. 2, 1873 to:

6. Effie(Eufemia) Lundie Fleming (b. Feb. 4, 1842 in Glenholm (sp), Perthshire, Scotland-d. 1946) Aged 103 years; children: Mrs.W. S. Nicoll, Miss Mary Fleming, David T. Fleming, Mrs. H. W. Baldwin, and John Fleming (d. 1942)
1889 Arrived in Hawaii from Scotland

7. David Thomas Fleming (b. 1881-d. Mar. 26, 1955) of Honolua Ranch, Baldwin Packers Ltd. and son of James W. Fleming; Manager of Honolulu Ranch (photo); children: Capt. J. Fleming, Lt. Bruce Fleming, David A. Fleming, Mrs. Jack Vockrodt, Marian Holley, and Jessica Fleming)

8. Ella Tezlaff Fleming (b. 1911-d. 1949) (first marriage to William Chalmers (d. 1943)

Married to Bruce Lundie Fleming

9. Bruce Fleming (b. 1953-d. 1953) Infant

10. Bruce Lundie Fleming (b. Nov. 28, 1910-d. Apr. 3, 1993)
Son of David L. Fleming

11. Martha Foss Fleming (b.1880-d. 1953)
Married to David Fleming in 1908.

12. Kate Fleming Nicoll (children: Scott and James Nicoll)

13. Agnes Fleming Baldwin (b. 1884-d. 1977) Married to Harry Washburn Baldwin (grand children to Effie are: Mrs. Ranson Sherretz, Henry Baldwin of Maui Pine and Wilfred Baldwin of Kauai

14. Charlotte (Chalmers) Fleming Roy (wife of Rob Roy) dau of Ella Tezlaff Chalmers Fleming and adopted by Bruce L. Fleming



John and Mary Fleming


William and Jane Fleming


David Thomas Fleming


James Wilson and Effie Fleming


Fleming family



John Lundie Fleming


Kate Fleming Nicoll


Agnes Fleming Baldwin


Mrs. Fleming with her four grandsons on her 99th birthday.



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