Foster family:

1. William Edward Foster (b. Apr. 22, 1881-d. Apr. 26, 1912)
employed by the Maui Agricultural Co.; epitaph: “a workman unashamed”
Superintendent of Kula Sanitarium; died from tuberculosis
Superintendent of Fred Baldwin Memorial Home
Married to Alverda T. Foster; district nurse at Kula Sanitarium
Masonic inscription on grave marker

2. Cora Dorothea Boyum Foster (b. Apr. 8, 1879 Rushford, Minnesota-d. June 20, 1933) died on route to the Chicago Fair on board the S. S. Monterey; Married to John P. Foster (mill superintendent of Maui Agriculture Co.) on Jan. 1, 1901  (Arrived on Maui at 1906; sister of E. E. Boyum; one daughter Dorothy Foster (Powers of Colorado).

3. Helen Josephine Foster (b. Mar. 14, 1854 in Freeport, Illinois -d. Jan. 11, 1934 of pneumonia)

Member of Makawao Union Church and the Makawao Ladies Aid

dau of William Daniels and Mary Preston Daniels (b. 1826-d. 1913) buried at Makawao Cemetery

4. John Preston Foster (b. July 7, 1873 in Lime Springs, Iowa-d. July 29, 1956 at Kula Sanatorium) Aged 83 years; Foremost sugar technologist and inventor
Married to Gloria Marie Williams in 1936 (second wife)

5. John E. Foster (b. Mar. 4, 1846-d. May 28, 1929)
Married to Helen J. Foster

6. Gloria W. Foster (b. Nov. 3, 1895-d. May 4, 1977)

7. Moses Rapheal Lapaela Foster (b. est.1936-d. Dec. 12, 1999) (no picture available)

8. Edna Beatrice in Foster plot (Jan. 28, 1910-d. Feb. 10, 1910)

9. Mary Daniels (b. 1826-d. 1913) Mother of Helen J. Foster


William E. Foster


William E. Foster


John and Cora Foster



Cora Foster


Helen J. Foster



John E. Foster


Gloria W. Foster


Edna Beatrice in Foster plot


Mary Daniels, Mother of H. J. Foster




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