Hansen,  Johan (Hans) Konrad Edwin  (b. Dec. 21, 1862 in Krishamai, Norway-d. July 14, 1946 Honolulu) Hansen Road, Puunene named after Konrad Hansen because he built the road while working 42 years for H. C. and S.; pic. included; He had an affinity for his 1904 Olds automobile
Married in Aug. 8, 1888 Honolulu, Hawaii
1941 Maui News celebrated Hansen’s 60 years on Maui
2. Anni Marie Nelson (b. June 6, 1873 Germany-d. Dec. 30, 1925 Puunene)
children: ( Hans Alfred Hansen, Mathilde, Olava Hansen Severance, Elise Hansen Burrus, Alegra, Zona and Karlyn)

3. Samuel Eginson Taylor (b. Sept. 17, 1849-d. Aug. 21, 1937)
father of Emily Myrtle Taylor Hansen; wife of Hans Alfred Hansen
4. Myrtle Emily Kelshaw Taylor (b. Aug. 12, 1861-d. Aug. 26, 1934) mother-in-law of Hans Alfred Hansen (no photo available)

Conrad Hansen

Hansen’s 1901 Oldsmobile


Samuel E.Taylor

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