Missionary descendants

1. Barbara Jane Harris (Dec. 31, 1931-d. Mar. 8, 1939) Aged 7 years

(“Horse rears and falls on Kula Girl” in the Maui News 3/9/1939) dau of Violet Harris

2. George Stephen Harris (b. June 19, 1891 in Ponders End, Middlesex, England-d. Waiakoa 1926) Tuberculosis; acct. w/Castle & Cooke
Married Sept. 23, 1919 in San Francisco to Violet M. Atherton Harris

3. Laura Ann Harris Perkins (b. May 9, 1929-d. Feb. 24, 1992) Dau of Violet Harris and sister of Barbara Jane Harris

4. Robert Harris (Baby) (b. Aug. 1, 1929)

5. Violet Merriam Atherton Harris (b. Sept. 14, 1888 in California-d. Kula Sept. 15, 1970)(Keokea)
daughter of Charles H. Atherton, treas. of Castle & Cooke; grand-daughter of Juliette Montague Cooke Atherton and great grand-daughter of Amos Starr and Juliette M. Cooke


Barbara Jane Harris, aged 7 years


George Harris


Baby Robert


Violet Atherton Harris


Laura Ann Harris Perkins

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