Hocking/Roach Family

Hocking/Roach Family:

1.  Rose (Rosina) Hocking, Mrs. Lawrence Roach (b. 1892- d. 1983); “The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall Forever”

2.(William) Lawrence Roach (b. Jan. 21, 1887-d. July 22, 1962) overseer on a sugar plantation

3. Elizabeth Hocking (b. 1856 est. in England-d. May 2, 1904) Aged 48 years

1887 Simon and Elizabeth married: Simon immigrated 1889 before Elizabeth.

4. Simon Hocking (b. 1864 in England-d. 1949); Occupation: sugar boiler first, and then luna and manager at Paia Mill; (information supplied by Marta Schram); Played polo with the Baldwins.

5. Edwin C. Hocking (b. Sept. 2, 1888-d. Jan. 7, 1892) Aged 3 years.

6. Annie Catherine Hocking married John Henry Bonnell on 2/10/1910

(no photo available)

7. June Elizabeth Roach Abbott (b. 1920-d. 1994)

Rose Hocking Roach
Elizabeth Hocking
Simon Hocking
Edwin Hocking
June Elizabeth Roach Abbott

“The gentle one; We shall love you forever”

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