Johnson, Alma A. (b. 1893 in Michigan-d. 1976)

1930 census: Father from Sweden and Mother from Finland

father is Johannes Johansen and mother is Maren Helen Martinson

Married to:

Johnson, John M. (b. 1884-d. 1948)

1910 census: officer and teacher at Waialae Boys’ Industrial School

1920 census: both parents born in Norway; brother; brother: Albert G. (teacher) and his wife, Bella G. with daughter, Alma E. Johnson (b.1919); Brothers both employed at Waialae Boys’ Industrial School; John is asst. superintendent

1930 census: occupation, mechanical engineer; employed as mill superintendent of Wailuku Sugar Co.

Parents of Alma Mae Johnson Bourke and sisters Sylvia and Katherine (b.1915 est.)




Daughter: Alma Mae Johnson (Bourke) #3rd generation descendant of Norwegian immigrants

(Buried on Oahu)