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Kinney Family

Kinney, Cloud Brenton (b. Nov. 25, 1870 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada-d. 1941); Son of Joseph R. Kinney former member of the Canadian parliament and Carrie Daley Kinney; Siblings surviving are Mrs. Harold Hayselden, Capt. Ernest Kinney, and Mrs. Jack Jackson;

After graduating from Arcadia College in Nova Scotia, he followed the sea for seven years; on his second trip around the horn he decided to immigrate and took a position with Honomu Sugar  Co., Hilo Railroad, and Oahu Railway and Land Co.

Joined the first wireless co. in Lahaina and received the first ship to shore message about 1900

1920 census: employed as an accountant and superintendent of the supply house with the Maui Agriculture Co. sugar mill (30 years service); wife is Mollie

1910 census: employed as a division agent on the railroad

Kinney, Nora Hills (b. 1880-d. 1940)

Kinney, Harriett Collins ( 1879 in Oak Park, Virginia-d. July 25, 1928); Immigrated 1913

1920 census: employed as a kindergarten teacher living in Hamakuapoko village

married to George Gates Kinney on July 27, 1927

Kinney, Karl  (b. abt. 1942 -d.May 1, 2000)

Cloud Brenton Kinney
Nora Hills Kinney
Harriett Collins Kinney

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  1. Anne Laube
    May 2, 2023

    Trying to find the hometown of Timothy Kinney in Massachusetts born 1750 and rev.war soldier. He had a son James who had Harriett my greatgreatgrandmother in Prescott Maine. I cannot seem to find any mention as to where he lived in Massachusetts. I would be so happy to find this out. Thank you. Anne Laube

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