Lindsay family of Kirriemuir, Scotland:
“Born in Scotland”

1. Infant daughter, “Baby” of David and Claire, 1894

2. Harriett Sanger Shelley Lindsay (b. Dec. 3, 1909-d. May 1953)

3. David Colville Lindsay (b. June 23, 1871-d. 1948) with obituary posted; immigrated 1889

1940 census:  bank cashier

5. Claire (Clara) Fowler Gregory Lindsay; wife of David (Mar., 1867 -d. June 16, 1912) with obituary posted; immigrated 1890 from Scotland

6. James Lindsay (b. 1861-d. 1938); brother of George Lindsay
Son of  James Lindsay and Betsy Colville Lindsay; 1895 Married Claire Gregory Lindsay

1. Agnes Jamieson Lindsay (b. 1856-d. Nov. 23, 1920); sister of George

2. George Rae Lindsay (b. 1858 in Kilbryde, Scotland-d. April, 1921)
Immigrated 1881; employed by Maui Agricultural Co.; engineer with Haiku Fruit & Packing

3. Mary Ernestine Balderston Lindsay (b. 1869-d. 1925)

4. Jean Watson Lindsay (b. 1851-d. 1926); sister of George Lindsay

10. Olive Lindsay Braue (b. Oct. 23, 1896-d. Dec. 24, 1953); wife of A.B. Braue and mother of Claire Katherine; dau of David and Claire Lindsay

11. Margaret Lindsay Crosby (b. 1893-d. 1947)



Infant daughter of David and Clare Lindsay

David Colville Lindsay

Harriett Sanger Shelley Lindsay


David Colville Lindsay


Lindsay Family


Marriage of Robert N. Crook and Margaret E. Lindsay


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  1. Penny
    September 20, 2020

    Robert Crook and Margaret Lindsay were my great grandparents. I don’t recall him at all, but remember her a little. My grandma’s middle name was Leialoha, a nod to the family’s time spent on Maui and she was known as ‘Lei’ rather than Margaret. She passed recently, so I was looking up some of the family history. I believe a very distant Lindsay cousin and his wife returned to Maui and I’d love to get in contact with them if they happen to see this. Aloha!

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