LINDSAY FAMILY – Makawao Cemetery


Lindsay family of Kirriemuir, Scotland:
“Born in Scotland”

1. Infant daughter, “Baby” of David and Claire, 1894

2. Harriett Sanger Shelley Lindsay (b. Dec. 3, 1909-d. May 1953)

3. David Colville Lindsay (b. June 23, 1871-d. 1948) with obituary posted; immigrated 1889

1940 census:  bank cashier

5. Claire (Clara) Fowler Gregory Lindsay; wife of David (Mar., 1867 -d. June 16, 1912) with obituary posted; immigrated 1890 from Scotland

6. James Lindsay (b. 1861-d. 1938); brother of George Lindsay
Son of  James Lindsay and Betsy Colville Lindsay; 1895 Married Claire Gregory Lindsay

1. Agnes Jamieson Lindsay (b. 1856-d. Nov. 23, 1920); sister of George

2. George Rae Lindsay (b. 1858 in Kilbryde, Scotland-d. April, 1921)
Immigrated 1881; employed by Maui Agricultural Co.; engineer with Haiku Fruit & Packing

3. Mary Ernestine Balderston Lindsay (b. 1869-d. 1925)

4. Jean Watson Lindsay (b. 1851-d. 1926); sister of George Lindsay

10. Olive Lindsay Braue (b. Oct. 23, 1896-d. Dec. 24, 1953); wife of A.B. Braue and mother of Claire Katherine; dau of David and Claire Lindsay

11. Margaret Lindsay Crosby (b. 1893-d. 1947)



Infant daughter of David and Clare Lindsay

David Colville Lindsay

Harriett Sanger Shelley Lindsay


David Colville Lindsay


Lindsay Family


Marriage of Robert N. Crook and Margaret E. Lindsay



  1. Penny
    September 20, 2020

    Robert Crook and Margaret Lindsay were my great grandparents. I don’t recall him at all, but remember her a little. My grandma’s middle name was Leialoha, a nod to the family’s time spent on Maui and she was known as ‘Lei’ rather than Margaret. She passed recently, so I was looking up some of the family history. I believe a very distant Lindsay cousin and his wife returned to Maui and I’d love to get in contact with them if they happen to see this. Aloha!

  2. Mark W. Russell
    October 13, 2023

    David C.Lindsay’s third wife was Harriette Tanger Sheely, my great aunt. She was more than thirty years younger than David Lindsay. The name is misspelled on the site. I have David Lindsay’s wedding ring. Harriette’s parents are buried in Hanover, Pennsylvania. After David Lindsay’s death, my great aunt lived on only five years. While we were never told her cause of death,I suspect she spiraled into depression and drank heavily after losing her husband.. My mother Harriette Russell was named after for Harriette Lindsay, and also lived in Hawaii from 1959-1960.

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