1. Charles Moffatt Sawyer (b.Aug. 4, 1912 in Ludington, Michigan-d. Mar. 1964)

employed by Libby McNeill & Libby pineapple plantation as office manager; Prudential Insurance Co. agent, Chairman of the Hale Makua Board of Trustees, leader with Boy Scouts, Rotary

Moved to Maui in 1936

Married to:
2. Ruth Morgan Sawyer Hawk (b. 1913-d. 1977); teacher, scout leader

3. Nancy Ruth Sawyer (b. 1940-d. 1943) aged 3 years

4. Edwin Simpson Bowmer (b. 1905-d. 1982) of Lahaina

Married to:
5. Harriett Sawyer Bowmer (b. 1911-d. 1998)
Sister of Charles Sawyer

6. Karen Susan Bowmer (b. 1946-d. 1946) (Rh neg.)



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