1. Samuel Eginson Taylor (b. Sept. 17, 1849 in Manchester, England-d. Aug. 21, 1937)

  • Heard Abraham Lincoln speak and shook his hand in a speech in New York City.

1864 immigrated; 1900,1910,1920  census: occupation, machinist; 1930 stationary engineer/water pump

Both are naturalized citizens in 1869 and 1873; 1880 Married to:

2. (Myrtle) Emily Kelshaw Taylor (b. Aug. 12, 1861 in England-d. Aug. 26, 1934)


3.  Alfred Samuel Taylor (b. Nov. 1889-d. Feb. 2, 1985); mechanical engineer

4. Emily Myrtle Taylor Hansen (b.1898-d.) wife of Hans Alfred Hansen (no photo)

5. Joseph Kelshaw Taylor (b. Nov.9, 1882-d. Dec.2, 1978) Son of Samuel and Mrytle Taylor

6. Maybelle Evelyn Taylor (b. June 27, 1894-d. Nov.2, 1976);  1930 kindergarten teacher 1940 census: occupation, kindergarten director

7. Vivian Gardiser Taylor (b. Aug.28, 1893-d.Feb. 6, 1976) wife of Alfred S. Taylor

8. Elizabeth Taylor Majors (b.   -d. 2009)

Samuel E.Taylor

Emily K. Taylor
Alfred S. Taylor
Joseph K. Taylor
Maybelle E. Taylor
Vivian Gardiser Taylor (Mrs. Alfred Taylor)

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