1. Johan (Hans) Konrad Edwin Hansen (b. Dec. 21, 1862 in Krishamai, Norway-d. July 14, 1946 Honolulu) immigrated in 1881

1891-1933 employed on Maui with H C & S as a steam plow engineer

Hansen Road, Puunene named after Konrad Hansen because he built the road while working 42 years for H. C. and S.; pic. included; He had an affinity for his 1904 Olds automobile
Married in Aug. 8, 1888 Honolulu, Hawaii
1941 Maui News celebrated Hansen’s 60 years on Maui

Knights of Pythias Lodge: fifty years of service; Masonic Lodge 472 Maui
2. Anni Marie Nelson (b. June 6, 1873 Germany-d. Dec. 30, 1925 Puunene)
children: ( Hans Alfred Hansen, Mathilde, Olava Hansen Severance, Elise Hansen Burrus, Alegra, Zona and Karlyn)

3. Samuel Eginson Taylor (b. Sept. 17, 1849-d. Aug. 21, 1937)
father of Emily Myrtle Taylor Hansen; wife of Hans Alfred Hansen
4. Myrtle Emily Kelshaw Taylor (b. Aug. 12, 1861-d. Aug. 26, 1934) mother in law of Hans Alfred Hansen


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