VINCENT FAMILY – Makawao Cemetery


1. Vincent, Catherine Judd (b. 1891 in Hawaii-d. 1944)

1930 census: married to Henry Vincent; children: Stanley, Martha, Henry, and Emily R.

1930: occupation: public school teacher

2. Vincent, Enos (b. 1880 in Azores, Portugal-d. 1960); Attorney at law in private practice

Married to Marie Grove Vincent

3. Vincent, Henry (b. 1890 in England-d. 1979); Married to Katherine O. Vincent; Occupation on 1940 census: Barber

4. Vincent, Jaoquin (b. Feb. 28, 1877 in Azores, Portugal-d. Nov. 28, 1961)

5. Vincent, Katherine Ommanney (b. 1893-d. 1983); Married to Henry Vincent

6. Vincent, Kenneth G.(b. Sept. 24, 1912-d. Sept. 26, 1968) Son of Enos and Marie

7. Vincent, Marie Grove (b. 1879 in Indiana-d. 1943)

Married to Enos Vincent

8. Vincent, Narrisse L. (b. Jan. 29, 1960-d. July 10, 1991)  “Mommy”

9. Alma Kathryn Vincent Holmes ( Dec. 22, 1915-d. Jan. 4, 2001) Daughter of Enos and Marie G. Vincent and married to Jerome Holmes

Catherine Judd Vincent


Enos Vincent


Henry and Katherine O. Vincent


Jaoquin Vincent


Kenneth G. Vincent


Marie Grove Vincent


Narisse Vincent




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