Judd, Gerrit (buried at O’ahu Cemetery)

Judd, Dr. Gerrit Parmele (b. Apr. 23, 1803-d.  July 12, 1871) buried at O’ahu Cemetery

1823 Physician arrived with Third Company of missionaries aboard the Parthian

1838 wrote the medical book in Hawaiian, Anatomia: he palapala ia he hoike ai ike ano o ko ke kanaka kino

1841 One of the founders of Punahou School for mission children

1842 Resigned ABCFM and renounced citizenship to work for Kamehameha III in a variety of positions over the years

1870 Founded first medical school in Hawaii



Florence Judd


Betty Judd DuBois (b. Oct.11, 1912-d. Aug. 6, 1976) Great grand-daughter of Gerrit Judd

dau of Lawrence McCully and Florence Bell Hackett Judd (grandson of Gerrit Judd)

grand-daughter of Judge Albert Francis Judd and Agnes Hall Boyd Judd