Rule 15.
The term “Owner” means the person or entity that has been issued a certificate by the Association establishing Interment Rights of a plot. . An Owner shall be no more than two (2) individuals or one (1) entity designated by the Association to use the Plot for interment.
Rule 16.
The term “Ownership Certificate” shall mean the document by which the Cemetery conveys to an Owner Interment Rights within the Cemetery.
Rule 17.
The term “Perpetual Care” used in reference to Plots shall be held to mean the cutting of grass upon said Plots at reasonable intervals, the removal of any dead plant material or trash on plots, the pruning of any shrubs or trees that may be placed by the Association or the Owner, and the general preservation of the Plots, grounds, walks, roadways, boundaries and structures to the end that said grounds shall remain and be reasonably cared for as Cemetery grounds.
Rule 18.
The term “Perpetual Care” shall in no case be construed as meaning the maintenance of plantings, other than grass, within individual Plots or the maintenance, repair or replacement of any grave stones, monumental structures or memorials or the planting of flowers or ornamental plants, or the maintenance or doing of any special or unusual work upon Plots in the Cemetery; nor does it mean the reconstruction of any marble, granite, bronze or concrete work on any section or Plot or any portion or portions thereof in the Cemetery damaged by the elements, an act of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals strikers, malicious mischief-makers, or unavoidable accidents, whether the damage be direct or collateral, other than as herein provided.
Rule 19.
The term “Plot” means one or more adjoining Graves that have been designated as being for the use of an Owner for interment purposes. Additional Graves may be placed in a Plot provided such Graves comply with the provisions of Rule 58 f).
Rule 20.
The term “Stacking” means the placement of two (2) or more burials layered horizontally within a Plot.
Rule 21.
The term “Superintendent” means the person designated by the Board to oversee and manage the interments, maintenance and all construction activities within the Cemetery, including plot sales and record keeping.
Rule 22.
Interment within the Cemetery shall be used for no purpose other than for the interment and/or memorialization of human remains.
Rule 23.
An Ownership Certificate shall be issued to each Owner upon full payment of the purchase price of an Interment Right. Each Interment Right shall be subject to (a) all applicable laws and governmental regulations; (b) the Articles of Incorporation and other documents establishing the Cemetery; and (c) all Rules and Regulations adopted and amended by the Cemetery.