Rules And Regulations Of Makawao Cemetery Association – Makawao Cemetery

Rules And Regulations Of Makawao Cemetery Association



For the mutual protection of Owners of Interment Rights within the Cemetery, these rules and regulations are hereby adopted as the rules and regulations of Makawao Cemetery. All Owners, visitors and persons doing work within the Makawao Cemetery, and all Plots sold shall be subject to these rules and regulations (hereinafter the “Rules”), or any amendments thereto as shall be adopted by Makawao Cemetery Association, a Hawaii corporation, from time to time.

Rule 1.
The term “Association” means Makawao Cemetery Association.
Rule 2.
The term “Base” shall mean the zone that separates grass from the edge of the marker. The base shall consist of a solid material, such as concrete, that does not allow weed or plant penetration, and provides support or stability to the marker.
Rule 3.
The term “Board” means the Board of Trustees of the Association.
Rule 4.
The term “Burial” means the placement of a corpse, within a coffin or approved shroud, beneath the ground, within a Plot.
Rule 5.
The term “Cemetery” is hereby defined to be the Makawao Cemetery located at 3363 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao, Hawaii 96768.
Rule 6.
The term “Cemetery Plan” shall mean the schematic plan for the placing of Plots, Markers and Burials, as well as landscaping or other improvements within the Cemetery. The Cemetery Plan shall be reviewed and approved by the Board, and amended by the Board as it deems necessary.
Rule 7.
The term “Cremation” means the incineration of a corpse to ashes.
Rule 8.
The term “Grave” means a space of ground in the Cemetery used, or intended to be used, for the interment of human remains.
Rule 9.
The term “Human Remains” means deceased human beings.
Rule 10.
The term “Interment” means the permanent placement of the remains of a deceased person by cremation and inurnment, within a Plot.
Rule 11.
The term “Interment Rights” means the particular right to inter the remains of a deceased person in a specific interment space within the Cemetery, subject to the limitations set forth herein.
Rule 12.
The term “Inurnment” means placement of cremated remains into a niche or Plot.
Rule 13.
The term “Additional Interment Fee” means a fee for each additional interment, burial and/or inurnment over and above the initial plot fee, which fees may change from time to time.
Rule 14.
The term “Marker” means (1) a monument; tombstone, grave marker, tablet or headstone identifying a grave or graves; (2) a nameplate or inscription identifying a crypt or niche; or (3) a memorial in memory of a deceased human being. A memorial Marker is permitted to memorialize someone not interred in the Plot. There is a fee for this marker placement as per the going rate. An “up-right marker” is a Marker which is predominantly oriented in a vertical plane. A “pillow marker” is a Marker which is predominantly oriented in a horizontal plane. All Markers shall be first approved in writing by the Board prior to installation, and in such locations and manner as may be established by the Board. All Markers are recommended to be placed upon a Base.