1. All Markers shall adhere to the following restrictions:
  1. Markers without a base shall be installed level with the existing ground, so that a lawn mower will not contact any raised edges. Flower receptacles are not allowed unless they are an integral part of the marker or base.
  2. Pillow Markers are to be installed in a base for ease of maintenance, with the base of the Marker level with the existing ground.
  3. Up-right Markers may be installed, provided the base of the Marker is level with the existing ground, with prior approval of the Board. Upon such approval, the installation of such Marker shall be coordinated with the Association to allow for the proper staking and placement of the base and Marker location. Flower receptacles are not allowed unless they are an integral part of the Marker or base.
  4. Any ornamentation, including, but not limited to, statutes, angels, bottles, pots, etc., must be an integral part of the Marker or base, if not, they may be removed by the Association.
  5. The location, size and placement of Markers shall not inhibit the ability of the Association to maintain the Cemetery, including, but not limited to mowing, the access and movement of equipment and personnel within the Cemetery, or any other allowed use of the Cemetery property.
Rule 44.
All improvements or alterations of Plots in the Cemetery shall be under the direction of and subject to consent, satisfaction and approval of the Association, and should they be made without its written consent, the Association shall have the right to remove, alter or change such improvements or alterations at the expense of the Plot Owner, or in any event, at any time when in its judgment they become unsightly.
Rule 45.
Persons within the Cemetery grounds shall use only the avenues, walks, alleys and roads, and the Association shall not be liable to any person injured while walking on the grass, or while on any portion of the Cemetery other than the avenues, walks, alleys or roads.
Rule 46.
Only the Plot Owner and his or her relatives or guests shall be permitted on the Cemetery and the Plot. Any other person thereon, except officers and employees of the Association, shall be considered as a trespasser, and the Association shall owe no duty to said trespasser to keep the property or the memorial thereon in a reasonably safe condition. The Association reserves the right to remove unauthorized persons from the Cemetery.
Rule 47.
The Association may take reasonable precautions to protect the Cemetery, and the improvements located therein, against loss or damage; but the Association shall not be responsible for any loss or damages caused by acts of God, third parties or any government act or regulation, whether the loss is direct or indirect.
Rule 48.
The Association shall have the sole and exclusive authority with respect to the planting, sodding, surveying and improvement of the Cemetery.