Rule 56.
At the sole discretion and approval of the Association double markers may be set to identify two or more Interments within a Plot. Companion markers are permitted, and two or more inscriptions are allowed on one marker, on one grave, with the approval of the Association.
Rule 57.
  1. No Plot Owner shall erect or place, or cause to be erected or placed, on any Plot in the Cemetery a marker not approved by the Association.
  2. Markers shall be placed on Plots only at points approved by the Association and designated by the Superintendent.
  3. The bottom beds of all bases and markers must be placed level and true.
  4. Permanent markers shall be placed on Plots within one (1) year after the burial of a deceased person.
  5. While the Association will exercise care to protect raised lettering, carving or ornaments on any memorial or other structure on any lot, it disclaims responsibility for any damage or injury thereto.
Rule 58.
  1. The Association reserves the right to stop all work of any nature whenever, in its opinion, proper preparations have not been made, when tools and machinery used are insufficient or defective, or when work is being executed in such a manner as to threaten life or property, or when any reasonable request on the part of the Association is disregarded, or when work is not being executed according to specifications, or when any person employed on the work violates any rules of the Association.
  2. The completed work is subject to the approval of the Association, and if unsatisfactory it may be removed by the Association, or for any reasonable purpose, as deemed necessary by the Association, in its sole discretion.
  3. The name or inscription on each marker must correspond with the name and record in the office of the Association, and no changes shall be made thereon except upon request of the proper parties and by permission of the Association.
  4. Plot Owners may not dig graves, holes, channels, or any other feature in the Cemetery, nor bring equipment into the Cemetery for such purpose, without the prior written approval of the Association.
  5. The Cemetery shall have the right to fill and level all grave sites and to plant grass on them.
  6. All Markers shall have a grass border of no less than six (6) inches in width between any other Markers; the boundaries of a Plot; or any curb or border marking the boundary of any Plot.